Focusvape Tourist Vaporizer Test and Review (Dry Herb Edition) – by Simplisick

October 24, 2017


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What's up guys simplistic here back with another video and if you haven't seen my other video on the tourist this is going to be part two the Arab edition right here you guys really know the gist of what it looks like but i'ma show you guys again the oil piece with the nail on the top so what you're gonna do is basically just twist this off there you know the connectors they're actually flexible with the thing that you put on there so that's good like I said we're gonna be using the herb attachment today so if you guys can see us on my previous video this is where you place the herb this is actually a clasp mouth tip you know what this is already this is the middle base just pop silicone mouthpiece we got the Smarties but we ain't gonna be smoking the Smarties we're gonna be smoking some premium Jack that I got from patients care first for 25 from big smokey farms which is somewhere this is some Ingrid this is straight into cub not gonna be smoking this right now you spoke in that fucking sativa you for me all right this is the preview Jack very very nice stuff very crystallized so just rip off pieces and just drop it in and then it'd be too perfect the lemony smells from the jack it's fucking amazing though so there you have the guys stuff that shit Jimmy alright so you then you just put on her herb then you press this four times see the setting it's on the auto settings on the herb on the oil I've set it to 760 so we're just gonna wait until it rises and then they'll buzz when it's done the tourist guys the tourists oh you can't really see it but the numbers you gonna yeah oh they can't see you it's like a better it's blurry yeah then zoom in got it yeah alright 376 that's a sure thing Cheers straight tastes lemony I didn't even heat up a little bit more or at least I'm gonna put on like for 20 years something I definitely got the the lemony pint of the Jack air there we go so there's no button when you're inhaling you just inhale it it heats up there's nobody you need to hold or press or anything nope. 

This did get hot when I live so if you definitely want to try like the real flavor of your weed I recommend vaporizing it because that's when you you don't really get the burning taste in your weed when you're actually lighting it with a lighter or whatever them fake or whatever this is just like vaporizing all the fucking crystals off it you're there like a piney let me be exhales tight this doesn't get hot though you get a pretty good amount of vapor.

Vaporizing is a more healthier alternative so if you guys are like you know I can't smoke and try babe writing you gonna taste some really really good flour and it tastes phenomenal pretty good big one it's as good as the Baker one I got something protect so they do have a bubbler attachment for the dry herb as you see there's double means right here so you could just take take off this thing basically it's the poor maybe I think you fit over as a drunkard for it listen Lucky's gonna try it.

Oh wait okay okay see it doesn't work because the the bubbler was straight up it wasn't like like this and then here there straight up that's why I see it working oh yeah as you can see it can take adapter and it it's a bubbler that's straight up not like one right here and then what it's the price so there you have it the hurt part of the fucking tourists pretty fuckin amazing the price for this device like I said it's $200 but you do get a quality piece and you can dab a dab version and a vaporizer version so it's definitely worth money especially if you're gonna spend $200 on like a bomb already you know is the bomb some bugs are really expensive some box don't like a thousand dollars and there's just like three perks in there you know that's it this you're gonna dab and you get a vape so I would definitely recommend it let me just uh take this off and show. 

You don't know we look six seems durable too for people that it stirs yeah okay the tourists using it across the country let me just see all brown no ash you can see ah yeah easy to clean as you can see I just did this dilash it all right you could actually punch don't smoke this but I probably wouldn't I was Oh fertilize this Shariat Thanks it was good now I'll grow to be healthy Jimmy but there you have it the tourist herb edition check them out I'll post all their information in the bottom description below subscribe to my channel if you haven't already like this video comment to where the fuck you want actually I see you guys in next one peace miss fame your days.

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