Highly Devoted Coaching

Cultivate Confidence. Disrupt the Stigma of Cannabis

Quickly develop lasting confidence by working one on one with Molly Peckler, the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Life Coach and Dating Expert. Highly Devoted Coaching is available to cannabis enthusiasts around the world via Skype.

At Highly Devoted Coaching, we work with responsible cannabis consumers who defy the stoner stigma. These people are smart, successful and well respected in their communities, but rather than medicating or unwinding with pharmaceuticals or alcohol, they prefer cannabis. These subtle consumers look like everyone else from the outside, and they may feel the need to be secretive about their passion for cannabis, because they’ve faced judgement in the past.

We’re dedicated to helping members of this long-ignored group of people build confidence and meet the ideal cannabis-friendly partner. Highly Devoted Coaching is about facilitating action, not soaring metaphors or the Law of Attraction. Our logical, bullshit-free approach utilizes many concepts from the scrum methodology of project development, as well as scientifically backed methods for hacking confidence. We help our clients quickly disrupt self-sabotage, establish clear goals, and implement logical strategies to achieve them.

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