Kelly Gibson - My Edible Journey

Through a combination of life experiences, I have gained insight and inspiration which has made it possible for me to share recipes with you in this cookbook.  I was always a writer and as a young adult I was published a couple of times in various magazines, but it wasn’t until I discovered a deep passion and dedication for a subject that I truly became immersed in writing. Currently, I am writing content for several websites on the subject of Marijuana.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2001. It is a digestive illness that causes painful inflammation and has few treatments. I suffered a lot during the first few years, doing what doctors recommended and having no success with traditional pharmaceuticals. I eventually turned to Marijuana for relief from my symptoms and have never regretted it.

Growing up, I was an only child. My mom worked several jobs, which left little time for home-cooked meals.  With no real cooking skills to speak of, I had no option but to learn the basics quickly so I could successfully manage my illness. Soon, I began experimenting with Cannabis cooking, learning more and more conversion methods along the way.

Cannabis cooking can be tricky for people with IBD. In order to activate the THC into an edible form, it requires both heat and high fat, which is a stimulant for those with digestive issues. So, I have had to adapt edibles to my suit my specific diet. Specifically, by limiting fats and sugars while still converting the medicinal compounds as required. It has quickly become a passion of mine to share Cannabis cooking with others.

I currently work at the 420 Clinic in Calgary, Canada where I help patients obtain their medical Marijuana prescription and educate them on different strains and edibles. I am a fierce advocate for patient rights and for marijuana usage for all who need it. I will continue to advocate for an end to Marijuana prohibition and for full legalization; which in Canada is on the horizon.

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