Layla Beth

Layla Beth is, among many other things, a consultant with Canna Closet Oregon, which is a proud member of the Canna Closet Party family. In addition to cannabis education, Layla and her husband Bret offer various health and wellness services at their boutique-style fitness studio in Lane County, OR. An avid blogger,

Layla Beth is working on several books, one of which she hopes to have complete by the end of 2017. She is the mother of two amazing kids, and has two crazy dogs who basically rule her home. 

Layla loves yoga, heavy metal, tattoos, shoes, books and experimenting with new recipes.  She’s also been known to dance a little burlesque and annihilate the competition at Trivial Pursuit.

Layla is an experienced blogger, and baking enthusiast, having recently discovered the art and joy of baking with cannabis. This past Summer, Layla Beth and her family relocated back to her home-state of Oregon to be closer to family, as well as to  support the state’s “green rush.”  Layla’s husband, Bret, is an OMMP patient and grower.  Together they nurtured four diverse plants that are going to become a part of many delicious, inviting and healthy baked creations! 

When Layla Beth is not in her kitchen, she can be found writing, or at the new fitness studio that she and her family are opening in their provincial Willamette Valley town.  She might also be found performing in a burlesque show, spoiling her two dogs rotten, or fully engaged in “mom mode.”  

Layla specializes in vegan and vegetarian recipes and makes every effort to use organic and locally sourced ingredients in her creations.  

Layla and Bret have three amazing children, two of whom are adults, which is a miraculous feat in and of itself, as there is no way Layla Beth is old enough to have grown children.  Layla’s hobbies include using sarcasm at all possible times and seeking out new writing opportunities.  She hopes to reach best selling author status before she turns 50. Or, 29, rather.

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