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Daniel Isenstein is a Kentucky based cannabis advocate who, aside from this new foray into blogging, is actively exploring opportunities in Kentucky's nascent hemp industry.  He graduated with a BA in Communications from ultra liberal Antioch College, in Yellow Springs, OH.  Although far from being a radical or liberal, Dan considers himself more of a political centrist.  He later pursued a Masters degree in Popular Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University, also in Ohio.  While researching cannabis prohibition for a paper on outlaw folk heroes he came across a copy of Jack Herer's "The Emperor Wears No Clothes".   That lit a fire that has smoldered for 25 years.  Dan later volunteered for several events in support of Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith.  Through his association and work with Galbraith he was able to meet Willie Nelson and swap stories with hippie commune "The Farm" founder Stephen Gaskin.    

After a 20 plus year detour into the world of management in the plastics industry it was time to get back to his grass roots.  Today Dan is blogging about the cannabis industry and trying to find the place to bring his 20 year professional career in manufacturing into the slowly emerging industrial hemp industry in his beloved adopted state of Kentucky....Go Wildcats!"

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Layla Beth Munk: Layla is an experienced blogger, and baking enthusiast, having recently discovered the art and joy of baking with cannabis. This past Summer, Layla Beth and her family relocated back to her home-state of Oregon to be closer to family, as well as to  support the state’s “green rush.”  Layla’s husband, Bret, is an OMMP patient and grower.  Together they nurtured four diverse plants that are going to become a part of many delicious, inviting and healthy baked creations!

When Layla Beth is not in her kitchen, she can be found writing, or at the new fitness studio that she and her family are opening in their provincial Willamette Valley town.  She might also be found performing in a burlesque show, spoiling her two dogs rotten, or fully engaged in “mom mode.”  

Layla specializes in vegan and vegetarian recipes and makes every effort to use organic and locally sourced ingredients in her creations.  

Layla and Bret have three amazing children, two of whom are adults, which is a miraculous feat in and of itself, as there is no way Layla Beth is old enough to have grown children.  Layla’s hobbies include using sarcasm at all possible times and seeking out new writing opportunities.  She hopes to reach best selling author status before she turns 50. Or, 29, rather.

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Kelly Gibson: Kelly is deeply passionate about food and has fulfilled her desire to enjoy it as much as possible after being diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 2001. Crohns is a digestive illness which often causes discomforts while eating and is coupled with various other difficulties. Luckily and after much effort, for the first time in her adult life, Kelly has recently found joy, pleasure and even bliss on her journey towards health and happiness all while experimenting and customizing all sorts of recipes- something she used to dread as food was her enemy. Growing up, Kelly had little experience with cooking or baking and found herself struggling to create meals which agreed with her digestive system. After thoroughly educating herself and learning all about her body’s needs, Kelly has developed a love for nutritious, natural and creative meals and snacks.

She is ecstatic that food is now her friend and would like to share with readers some of her favorite creations. Sharing information about what successful eating means to her is an ever-growing passion and she enjoys educating people about Medical Marijuana and the plethora of benefits it can offer. Kelly vehemently believes that it is important to learn about the proper use of medicinal herbs in order to achieve success and happiness. We hope you enjoy the tantalizing recipes Kelly has shared with us.

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Pascal Amaka: Pascal is a young medical student and active freelancer from Nigeria. She loves exploring and learning new stuffs. Presently, she's reviewing Cannabis and it's medicinal effects which surprisingly has lots of benefits which we are all blind to and open to it's adverse effects. She's here to educate and help people look on the brighter side of our beloved weed. Let's see what we can prevent with Cannabis! Hop in!.

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Brian Polnasek: Growing up in a time when the Internet was just beginning its evolution into the global necessity it is today, it didn't take a teenaged Brian long to find his niche with computers. After years of education, competitions, awards, certificates, and degrees, he started his career as a computer technician. A few years later, the Casino Industry made its debut in Pennsylvania, and Brian wasted no time getting on the opening team of one of the original 11 casinos to open across the state. 

At first, there wasn't much love for the very taboo gambling industry. Opponents spewed blasphemous propaganda about the violence and despair that a casino would bring to the neighborhood. Brian saw passed the negativity, he saw an opportunity and dove right in. He watched as a new industry, opening just as the country entered a recession, struggled with acceptance and adaptation, and after a decade of building experience within that industry, he now manages a very successful casino floor in a luxurious resort. What happened with all dark premonitions of violence and despair? The community saw quite the opposite. With a kickstart to local tourism and billions of dollars in tax revenue going into the economy, the casino became a valuable asset for an area that continues it’s growth with no end in site. 

Although Brian has built a passion for working with others, he finds solace in solo hobbies like drawing, writing, gardening, cooking and photography. He’s also built a studio where he does flame working and glassblowing. He finds joy in being outdoors and traveling, and would best describe himself as a creative soul in search of his place in the world. He believes knowledge is the most powerful asset a person can obtain. As such, he is on a perpetual quest, always seeking out new and exciting things to experience, learn, and share with others. 

As an advocate for marijuana, Brian is currently exploring opportunities to bring his experience into Pennsylvania’s emerging marijuana industry, with the hopes of educating as many people as possible on the potential benefits of this plant, not just for those who use it, but for the community that supports its use.

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