Patrick McNerthney

Patrick McNerthney hated marijuana all of his life. He didn’t hate those who used it, he just hated what it did to him.  Paranoia, confusion (couldn’t follow the plot for the 2001 Planet of the Apes remake), convinced his landlord knew what he was up to, etc.  No fun.  He watched other users have fun…he just never had any. 

Then he tried a JuJu Joint (miniature disposable vaporizer).  And he understood.  Finally.  Think Indica.  Think your first glass of Barolo after drinking Rex Goliath all your life. 

Then there was the CBD version of a JuJu Joint. Oh my. 

Patrick is a special occasion marijuana user; call it six times a year.  But it’s been quite an enhancement to his time here on earth. 

Patrick is a semi-professional business person and a writer who never writes which makes him, if anything, lazy and preoccupied with life’s micros rather than the macros.  He’s working on that.