I love sharing my experience and demonstrating how to use Cannabis in many ways through mixing traditional flavours with a fresh green twist specially for the ones who would prefer to ingest their medicine rather than smoke it. Cannabis is such a wonderful plant  with so many properties and can be used in virtually any dish . From personal experience as a vegetarian, Hemp is very important to me, so I also want to encourage  to explore the benefits of hemp, raise awareness about a healthier lifestyle, and show how to diversify the daily diet of all kind cannabis products with quick, simple recipes. At the beginnings of my edible journey all recipes, services and products where only available to exclusively selected people. Now, while living in Spain  and thanks to a collaboration with private Cannabis Associations  in Barcelona, members can enjoy food infused with herbs, learn more about the positive aspects of hemp and cannabis, join cooking classes and also enjoy private medicated dinners.

I grew up in a country where Cannabis is still not legal and when I was studying  teachers kept saying that Cannabis is a dangerous drug. I disagreed with that and carried out my own research. Discovering the truth about Cannabis and Hemp and their many benefits, opened up a huge new world to me.

My Cannabis cooking adventure started about 5 years ago, but I started   cooking  when I became a vegetarian and  I had to cook for myself. Getting to know more and more delicious recipes and techniques,  I discovered my passion for food and cooking. The desire to explore new things directed me to work in the food industry.  I started my food journey from a job in a bakery, where I had a chance to work with the first female pastry chef in Ireland, which was very exciting , then I had a chance to learn more in my kind of sweet heavens, working in a chocolate and ice-cream factory. Even though I am a vegetarian, meat lovers will also be pleased, when  comes to infused dinners, due to my cooking  knowledge from when I worked as a chef in a restaurant. Working as a private chef  and cooking for private events which sometimes is very challenging gives me a great feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Once you start working in food industry it becomes part of your life and when you discover how important and valuable Cannabis as ingredient is, you will always have it in the kitchen.

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