Ryan Barr - Editor-in Chief, One Strain at a Time host

ryan barr

Ryan Barr is the Editor-in-Chief for Monroe Blvd. His responsibilities include the in-depth review and analysis of products featured on Monroe Blvd, as well as the organization and approval of all content submissions. Using his passion for cannabis education as a cornerstone, Ryan’s goal is to reduce the knowledge gap and alleviate frustrations felt between marijuana producers, retailers, and consumers. With a needs-based approach honed over years in cannabis retail, he has helped establish a system of sales centered more around experiences and less influenced by personal bias.

Enough of the hearsay and pseudoscience! As a discerning cannaseur and cultivator himself, Ryan strives to illuminate the benefits of ethical and sustainable growing practices with the intention of defining a new level of quality for people to refer to.. 

Before entering the cannabis industry, Ryan served as an infantryman and personnel operations manager for the United States Army and now channels his energy into advocating for all avenues of the plant’s medicinal applications. His love for flora and fauna (and ganja) have kept him in the Pacific Northwest where he maintains a happy life.