Auto-Flowering vs Feminized Seeds: Things Every Marijuana Farmer Should Know

June 11, 2018 2 Comments

By John Stevenson

Auto vs feminized seeds and how to feminize cannabis seeds? Lots of growers don’t have proper knowledge about autoflowering and feminized seeds. Some people even misunderstood the concept of these seeds and some of them also believes in rumor. That’s why the article is all about autoflowering vs feminized seeds.

In this content, I’ll try my best to let you know everything you should know regarding this topic. So, are you ready to gather some knowledge? Let’s’ begin!

What is Auto flower Marijuana Seeds and what does feminized seeds mean?

Basically, those are autoflowering cannabis seeds which begins to flower once the plant reaches a sure phase of development within 2 months only.  With these seeds, the plant starts giving flower after the summer solstice. Do you know why? Because it is different toward photoperiod flowering. Plant from this seed needs some week of long nights before start flowering.

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Now you may think, which time is perfect for the autoflowering seeds growing?

Well, the late summer and early autumn and spring is your answer. Why? Because at this time the red wavelength of the sun is very rich at this time and this red light is essential for the plant’s complex flowering developments. At the end of summer finally, it starts giving flowers, it takes nearly 3 weeks to start flowering. Okay! As you can see I explained the summer and autumn then happens in spring? Usually, in spring, the blue wavelengths are the major light source. In spring the plant used to trust the blue lights for flourishing throughout the vegetative development. The awesome is, they can enter in vegetative stage within 10 weeks only.


How do they autoflowering works?

As I said before, it works completely in a different style. Autoflowering marijuana seed automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age, as opposed to the ratio of light to dark hours required with photoperiod-dependent strains. What does that mean? Basically, it means that you’ve to keep your plant 12 hours in sunlight and 12 hours in darkness. For the reason, the indoor growers have to follow a strict time schedule.
The extra effort gives better result! Because you’re showing a little bit extra productiveness here, you’re getting your crops ready within only 60 days. Within 60 days your cannabis is going to be ready for trimming. One more happiness is, you’ll be able to see your plant in flowering stage within only 2-4 weeks.

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Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

So, if you already checked all the upper section then you may already get that, it has benefits. That’s why I am not going to explain the benefits more. So, here are some of the benefits you should of autoflowering seeds you should know.

  • It’s the easiest way to grow effectively and fast.
  • If you’re growing weed indoor then you can grow anytime you want to do with this. According to some of the professional farmers, it’s a great advantage for novice and hobbyist farmers.
  • It produces the result so fast. So you can see your plant growing fast. It’s a big motivation for new growers.
  • It can’t grow too long in size. For the reason, you can easily manage your grow room as a newbie or even it’s a plus point for professionals too.
  • The autoflowering marijuana seeds are also perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. So you can grow anywhere you want.
  • It is strong and you can also grow this in cold region.

This was everything you should know about Autoflowering Seeds. Now let me share my knowledge about Feminized Seed with you so that you can understand everything much better.


What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Did you just notice the name of this seed? Sounds Feminine right? ;) Exactly this is what it does so. It produces 99.99% female marijuana plants. Yes, you heard right, from this seed you’ll get all the female strains. Like the previous seed, it’s also easy to use. In this process, you also don’t need to give any close look.

As it is female strains, it’ll assure you that, you’re going to get a large amount of yield. Why? Because all of them are going to produce flowers.

What time is perfect for growing female marijuana seeds?

For growing with female seeds you have to maintain an inflexible schedule. So you’ll get maximum time for planting and harvesting. For example: in the northern hemisphere the planting time differs between March to June and for harvesting September to October is the time.

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How does the Feminize Weed Seed work?

Usually, it works in a basic pattern and it’s almost the opposite of autoflowering. Want to know very clearly about it? Here are some examples for you then!

  • You can’t grow it all over the year.
  • The plant doesn’t have an exact size. It totally depends on you. As like, the amount of time you invest while growing you’ll get that big plant. So, it depends on your investment of time.
  • You can shape your plant.
  • The feminize seeds are going to give you good quality. It’ll provide high flavor and density yield.

These were the features of female weed seed, I hope it helped you to understand clearly about it.


Benefits of feminized cannabis seeds

Now here is the part comes when you are going to know the benefits of cannabis seeds. Without further due, just jump in!

  • Provides high-quality yield.
  • Provides the good amount of yield.

I found these are the benefits of feminized cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering vs Feminized Cannabis seed: which one is the best?

Now it depends on the growers need. However, if you still ask me I’ll recommend autoflowering seeds because it provides 100% flowering, very easy to use and etc. (though you already know) 


If you read the entire post then you may have found which one is best for you or which one should you pick. When you started the post you may think, I’m going to give chart where you’ll find the differences. However, I just wanted to give you a clear knowledge so that you can decide for yourself.


John Stevenson is a pioneer in the industry of the cannabis and has grown over 100 different marijuana strains in his career. He launched in 2015 the project Royal Seed Bank, a platform that compares over 170 strains to permit us, all cannabis lover to pay the best price on the web from reputable seed bank providers.

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John Stevenson
John Stevenson

October 09, 2018

Hi Troy,

You are completely right! This was a big mistake made by our writer and we have fixed it!

Thank you for having reporting it :)


October 05, 2018

You said above
“Autoflowering marijuana seed provides a different kind of plant which can only start flowering after following lightning conditions. The condition is, you’ve to follow strictly 12/12 sunlight and dark light effect.”

This is incorrect, what you have described is Photoperiod flowering type.

Autoflowering cannabis varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age.

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