How to Choose a Vaporizer: Vaporizer high or Smoking high?

July 10, 2019

By Ayad Maher.

Vaping high vs Smoking high

While I was doing my research, I noticed that most of the articles I've read about this topic reference a bunch of scientific details that you, (as) a casual smoker, don't need to know about. So I will make sure to be right to the point and not to get into unnecessary details.

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Vaporizer high vs smoking high? Do you get a different high from vaping? A question every marijuana smoker has asked or at least thought of, especially when smoking weed is becoming part of his or her lifestyle. Depending on how you look at it, a vaporizer high may be better or worse than a smoking high


As I mentioned in my "The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Marijuana Vaporizer," vaporizers are a relatively new way of consuming dry herbs (cannabis, tobacco, etc.), concentrates, and/or essential oils. For those in the vape community, it’s believed that vaporizers provide a much cleaner experience, are less offensive to those around the consumer since there is “almost” no smell, and their effects can be much more controllable and "pure."

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First, is it more cost-effective to vape?


Would it be cheaper in the long run to use a vaporizer to smoke your pot?

To be able to answer this question, we have to compare apples to apples. If you keep your consumption habit steady and use/by using a high-quality and efficient vaporizer (The Mighty, The Crafty, or one of the Arizers or DynaVaps), yes, it will be cheaper in the long run. Most people who exclusively vape herbs have seen a drastic decrease in their herb consumption.

However, one of the problems some Vaperents run into is that they get super into it, and get caught collecting different vaporizers. In that case, you will actually lose money by buying additional vapes. So, if you have a vaporizer that/which you're content with and does the job fine, stick with it. Don't upgrade till you feel the need for it.

To be able to use it properly and efficiently, saving your AVB is only one of the tips that you need to be aware of when you get your first vaporizer. This an article that you might be interested in in checking out: How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer - Tips and tricks for Beginners.

Downsides of Combustion - Upsides of Vaporizing


Let me start by explaining the difference in the type of high/between the two types of high. Most of us started smoking weed the old-fashioned way (joints, bong, pipes, etc.). We know what to expect when we smoke weed, which not only burns off your weed but also your cannabinoids, before you can even get to them. Vaping your bud instead of smoking it, however, feels different, and any change might be perceived as "not getting as high."

The reason is that the old-fashioned way/method allow(s) you to inhale not only the desired components you usually look for in cannabis, such as THC and CBD, but also undesired and toxic components (a.k.a "combustion toxins"), such as carcinogens, carbon monoxide and some more, and the LACK of these combustion toxins will give you the "not getting as high" feel.

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Inhaling those toxins along with the THC and CBD will give you a different high versus inhaling only the cannabinoids. For instance, rolling a spliff by mixing tobacco with weed also gives a different high, something which I do enjoy every now and then but also try to avoid. Those toxic components can be very harmful for your lungs and your body in general.

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Fortunately, there is a way to "smoke" pot while avoiding combustion toxins at the same time. You simply expose your bud to the right amount of heat so that cannabinoids such as THC and CBD can be released without burning the herb itself. This process is called vaporizing.


Types of high - Which one feels better


A bong vs vape high? When it comes to the "type of high," a vaporizer can provide subtly different psychoactive effects. You might not like it at the beginning because you're simply used to inhaling all these harmful toxins that only activate when there is/due to combustion. Having said that, many first timers come to a party expecting the instant euphoric head-rush they associate with smoking cannabis, but unfortunately this is a misnomer. This has led to the creation of he false myth that "vapes don't get you high."

Here is/Here’s how I see it: vaping vs smoking weed can be compared to eating deep fried chicken vs grilled chicken. Grilled chicken is better for you and tastes as good, but because you're used to eating deep-fried chicken, you may not like it grilled at the beginning. However, once you get used to grilled chicken, the deep-fried version will taste gross.

Later on in the article, we will talk about how you can get over craving the smoking high and start appreciating the vaping high. Don’t stop reading



Every dry herb has its own boiling point threshold–this is important because the higher the temperature, the more toxins are released. A study by Taylor and Francis Ltd shows that 230 °C (446 F) is the optimal temperature to release most of THC and other cannabinoids, however, it will also burn other parts of the herb, releasing more "by-products", which can be harmful to our health over time (see the graph below from that same study).

If you want to smoke as healthy as possible, turn the temperature down. Yes, with lower temperature you will get less THC out of your bud, but the “Already Vaped Bud” won’t go to waste if you end up saving it.

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The temperature threshold may vary slightly between different strains, so it's trial and error till you find the optimal temperature for a particular herb


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The Smell


Vaping weed does have a scent, but it smells different than when you’d smoke it. Most people can't really associate the vaping smell with weed if they haven't smelled it before or have never been around it. I've had some folks say it smells like roast beef, popcorn, and some other irreverent, weird stuff. Admittedly, it generally smells like something out of the ordinary. On the upside, it dissipates fairly quickly as well.

But don't be too cocky when you vape weed, especially around or close to people who disapprove of it. Do it when you have access to an open window and a candle, then it's really hard to pick up on it unless you stand directly where you are vaping

What to do if you're "not feeling the high" from your vaporizer?


If you consider "smoking weed" as part of your lifestyle, something you wanna do everyday, as I do, then don't forget about yourself and your well-being and Switch to vaporizing! You owe it to yourself to have a healthy lifestyle. We all do.

Dry herb vaporizers produce a cleaner and more subtle high which is way better for your body. The transition from smoking weed the traditional way to vaporizing it, however, can take time, especially if you were a heavy smoker. When I started using my first dry herb vaporizer two years ago (my first was the first Firefly Vaporizer), I didn't like it. It sat aside in my drawer for a few months till I decided to give it another try. Now, it never leaves my pocket

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It can be hard to detect the high at first (5-10 minutes after the first hit). You might not get the satisfying feel you're looking for/craving at first because your body is so accustomed to the toxic mix you inhale when smoking the herbs.

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, ease yourself into it and DON'T GIVE UP too quickly. You need some time to get the hang of it. Give it 2 or 3 weeks of solid dedication; stop smoking and start vaping exclusively. Let your body adapt - if you're not feeling it, reload the vape and keep going.

If you succeed in making a 100% switch-over to vaporizers after several weeks, try smoking a joint again afterwards and see how it feels.The difference is surreal.

Important note: Always make sure to save your ABV (Already Been Vaped).



So do you have your answer to the difference(s) between vape highs and smoking highs?

Since I started using a dry herb vaporizer, I noticed the excessive cons attached to smoking. When I smoke, for instance, I  can feel myself getting physically uncomfortable. On the other hand, vaping lacks the physical part of being/getting high (which can be adjusted through experimenting with the vaping temperature). This was a bit of a disappointment when I started, but it stopped bothering me after becoming more familiar with the sensation.

There are clearly ups and downs to either method, but I believe the advantages of vaping totally trump its disadvantages. Vaporizers are the new technology of consumption and are becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious consumers concerned with the benefits of the medicine without the drawbacks and potential dangers of smoking. Start saving up and get a high-end one, you won't regret it.

Read more about the benefits of vaporizers here.

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Finally, here's what people on Reddit think about vaping vs. smoking marijuana

vaping-vs-smoking-marijuana-best-vaporizers (2)

Here are couple of useful quotes from marijuana users comparing vaping vs. smoking:

Vaping over smoking:

  • Vaporizing is just objectively better than smoking in almost every way in my opinion. The only thing smoking has over it is how enjoyable it is to smoke out of a bong. (Source)
  • Smoking decreases my motor skills more than vaping, i.e. I'm more clumsy. (Source)
  • I get so much more baked vaping and it's just an all around more pleasurable experience. Vaping instead of smoking massively improves the flavor, smoothness, efficiency, feel of the high, even the hit (when you've taken a too big rip of smoke it feels awful, with vapour it feels tingly and pleasant deep in my chest). It's also more fun because buying, owning and maintaining my devices turn it into a bit of of a hobby. (Source)
  • The difference between vaporizing and smoking is your control over the process. With smoking you have zero control, apart from start and stop. With vaporizing you can have near absolute control over temperature and therefore which cannabinoids you choose to release. (Source)

Smoking over vaping, I couldn't find too many, but here is one:

  • Vaping may lack some of the physical part of being high. This was a bit of a disappointment when I started, but after becoming more familiar with the sensation, I don't mind it at all. It's not my favorite part anyway, and I feel like the advantages far outweigh this disadvantage. (Source)

These comments go either way:

  • If I want to play video games, I use my bong. If I want to get housework done or work on some photography, I use my vape. (Source)
  • Smoking in a group, vaping on my own. (Source)

 The Major Benefits to Vaping Vs. Smoking


That's all folks, and stay toasty my friends!

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Ayad Maher is a Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur, Blogger & Activist. eCommerce Specialist and Owner of a 420 Life Style Company; Monroe Blvd and 421Store.