What Vape Temperature Is Ideal? And Best practice for optimal results (For Dry Herb)

May 29, 2023

Think about it this way; water boils at 100 degree centigrade, does that mean all fluids on earth boil at the same temperature? Of course not!

The same principle also applies to the compounds found within cannabis. Each cannabinoid has its own specific boiling point threshold, and the varying temperatures at which these compounds vaporize can have different effects on the brain. Additionally, different temperature settings can determine the release of specific chemical activators in varying percentages. Put simply, higher temperatures during consumption may increase the potential for the release of toxins. 

How does vaping temperature affect the experience of being high?

Different temperatures release different terpenes sand different cannabinoids. A study by Taylor and Francis Ltd shows 230 C (446 F) is the optimal temperature to release the most of THC and other cannabinoids, however, it will also burn other part of the herb and that may release more "byproducts" which can be harmful to our health over time (see the graph below from that same study).

My research, both online and anecdotal, has taught me that a hit at 350 to 365 is radically different from a hit at 420 to 430.

If you want the healthiest way to consume cannabis using a dry herb vaporizer, turn the temperature down, 

Always remember, later you will have the leftover of  AVB (Already Vaped Bud) that you can use to make edibles and more.

The graph below may exhibit slight variations between different strains, so it often requires a trial-and-error approach to find the optimal temperature for each specific strain. It is crucial to avoid the production of unwanted by-products during consumption.


What temperature setting works best for you

Vaping at lower temperatures often produces a "smooth and linear" high, but it may not result in as pronounced sedative effects.

Lower vaping temperatures typically yield a more creative and cerebral high, whereas temperatures exceeding 400 Fahrenheit are known to produce greater sedation and pain-relieving effects.

Now, what temperature works best for you? 

Well that's entirely up to you to discover.

It's important to recognize that individuals consume marijuana for various reasons, and their desired effects or medical benefits may differ. The type of high one seeks can also be influenced by their specific intentions or plans for using cannabis.

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Many people choose to turn their vaporizers to the highest temperature setting at the beginning of their session, especially when they are in a hurry. This practice can be convenient for quickly achieving the desired effects, and it is occasionally employed by users.

In addition to being useful for those in a rush, turning the vaporizer to the highest temperature setting can also be beneficial in situations where individuals seek to temporarily escape from a difficult day or when using cannabis to manage insomnia. However, for those aiming for a euphoric head high with minimal body effects and no couch-lock, such as when planning to socialize, work, or enjoy a movie, it is generally recommended to use lower temperatures, typically in the upper 300s.

As for best vape temperature... here is the deal... 

Best Practices and Best Vaping Temp For Weed

Remember, and as I mentioned earlier, there is no perfect vape temp. It's usually up to your tolerance and what you wanna get out of it your session. 

Here is the best practice I’ve seen so far to avoid combustion and preserve/enjoy the flavor:

  1. Pack your vape with fresh herb and set it to one temperature, start off with lower setting, I would suggest at 340F.

  2. Wait for 60 seconds, for the herb to cook.

  3. Vape away at that temperature until you get no more vapor.

  4. Increase the temperature by 10 degrees. And repeat step 2 and 3. Keep doing this till you get to 380F then stop your session, and turn your vaporizer off (Remember, when you turn it off, your weed is possibly still cooking, so even when you're vaporizer was off, keep take your puffs till you get no vapor).

  5. Don’t replace your bowl yet, Terpenes will release at different temperatures.

  6. Your second round should start at 360F

  7. Same thing, repeat number 2 and 3 and 4. But this time keep doing this till you get up to around 428F. Stop your session, and turn off your vaporizer.

  8. You will end up with a deep golden brown AVB, you don't want it to be too dark.

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Pro tips


  • It is a common misconception, especially among new users, to equate the absence of visible vapor with a lack of effect. While it is true that lower temperatures may not produce visible vapor, it does not necessarily mean there is no effect. Instead, it is important to focus on the flavor profile and how you are feeling to gauge the effects of the cannabis. Vapor production alone is not always indicative of the potency or efficacy of the experience.

  • High-quality vaporizers such as The Mighty, The Crafty and The Arizers are known to provide approximately 20 puffs per session or 40 puffs per bowl. It's important to note that while not every puff may be as satisfying as desired, it doesn't necessarily mean you're not receiving any benefits. Even if it feels like you're not getting much, it's still worthwhile to continue vaping, as there may still be active compounds present. Persistence in vaping can still yield positive effects, so it's encouraged to keep going.

  • At the end of a vaping session, when the ABV (already been vaped) herb is collected, it should ideally exhibit a consistent color throughout, flake by flake. Any variations in color indicate that a full extraction may not have been achieved at the desired temperature. Therefore, it is important to stir the herb inside the oven during the session to ensure proper heat distribution and achieve uniformity in the color of the ABV. This stirring process enhances the extraction process and helps maintain consistency in the resulting ABV.

  • Experiment, Experiment, Experiment. Every person can have a slightly different experience than others. It makes the whole experience more exciting and fulfilling. There is no perfect temp, part of the journey to becoming a full fledged vaporent is discovering which temps work best for you personally, here is my results, you can use it a benchmark and modify accordingly:

    • 320-340 - Incredibly flavorful, good heady high

    • 345-385 - A little more sedentary and thoughts tend to be deeper

    • 390-425 - Couch lock

    • 430-460 - Final couch lock phase, thoughts are very ADHD and can be heavier and introspective thoughts. Less party friendly for sure. 

  • Note that the temperature setting itself may vary depending on the vaporizer. For example, my Mighty is usually set at 365 F and once it gets weaker I boost at 410 F. However, with my Arizer Extreme Q, I usually don't really go below 410 F because it's pure convection and the herb is rather far from the heating element which means it is slightly colder. So keep trying adjusting your vaporizer temperature till you find your middle. 

  • Finally, r/vaporents for more dry herb vape questions, or reach out to me here.


    Stay toasty my friends.