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“Stevie Nicks said kicking Klonopin was the hardest thing in her life.  And this is coming from a woman who regularly had cocaine blow up her a**."  – HBO’s High Maintenance

I know a woman, a very professional woman, who’s quite successful in both her high-power tech consulting career and as a mother. Like every human, she is imperfect and has her weaknesses. The biggest one being her genetically pre-coded anxiety (I know plenty of humans with this weakness).

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Alcohol, as ingrained as it is in our society, became a tool to combat this anxiety but (big surprise) it made things worse for her both mentally and physically. She and her husband brainstormed alternative solutions and together they discovered two successful paths to happiness. One was the mind-body harmony that comes with exercise and fitness. Ah yes, exertion plus endorphins equals mental and physical release of all kinds of stress. Natural, harmonious release (after all, we are designed to be physical beings). 

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Many people don’t realize that the consumption of marijuana has a plenty health benefits. The significant fact about this plant cannot be ignored. The marijuana impacts your body in such a way that the health benefits are widespread and long-term. Its potential healing property is completely unrealized by Western Medicine. Even though the miraculous herb is being considered illegal in most of the U.S, medical professions and political activists have begun to shade light on the health benefits of the powerful herb. Only those who have an active relationship with this therapeutic plant enjoy the health benefits.

One of the finest and healthiest ways to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana is by cooking with Marijuana butter (check our recipe here - or our review for the Magical Butter Machine).

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The butter-based paste is infused with the medical cannabinoids...

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Marijuana is a great herb that has so many benefits. It helps you reduce anxiety, and improve your athletic performance. With weed involved you just cannot go wrong. When it comes to consuming Marijuana, users recently have more options than ever. It’s difficult to recommend the best way of smoking because new methods are popping out every day. The best way of smoking marijuana depends on the user’s preferences and priorities on cost, health, and convenience. Today we are focused on seven great ways that you can smoke weed.

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1. VaporizerThe method involves heating Marijuana rather than burning it. The chemical compounds in the weed vaporize at a much less temperature hence less harmful to the smoker...

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Yoga and Cannabis

March 06, 2017

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As marijuana becomes more and more culturally accepted and legalized (at least for medical purposes), it’s seen its way into every subculture and activity imaginable. What better way to deepen your yoga practice than to toke up before, or even during class?

Marijuana is generally used to relax the body, open the mind, ease aches and pains and generally improve any activity. However, combine physical activity with cannabis and it’s not always a fun time. I smoked only once before going to the gym because the whole time I was working out on the elliptical machine, I just wanted to sit down and eat a snack. It wasn’t a very enjoyable workout, no matter how many upbeat songs I tried to listen to. I was more concerned with the weird beat in the music I’d never noticed before.

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Do you know who invented the first vape pen?  It was actually crafted by a Chinese inventor named Hon Lik. His process used ultrasonic vibration to vape liquid into gas, and that process is patented.  Most vape pens today used for cannabis consumption use a resistive heat element to heat cannabis to the relevant range to convert essential cannabinoids into vapor.  The proper temperature range for accomplishing this goal is between 300 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So how do they work anyway?

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As cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream, opinion polls show growing support of marijuana legalization in the U.S. and all over the world. Research confirms that cannabis and its derivatives could help us win the war on prescription drugs abuse, relieve PTSD for veterans, soothe epileptic seizures, maintain healthy insulin level, cope with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

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To trim or not to trim;  that is the question.

And if you trim, how close do you trim?  Do you leave a little leaf like a fringe on a skirt?
Or do you trim only for the full bud experience?  My friend's hubby has no use for trimming.  He's a 'trim before ya grind kinda guy' and I say, why not?  No need for mix!


Cannabis users all over the world have been judging their ganga by looks for years.  I've even heard some people tell me they can decipher the strain just by looks.  I giggle to myself each and every time I hear that.  Truth is, a good trimmer can take four buds from the same plant and trim them so differently, you'd swear they were different strains.

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I grew up with words stuck in my throat. So many words. And when they rarely came out in public, I hated how they sounded. All of my younger years were filled with this hyper self-editing where everything I did, I felt observed and judged. Worst of all, I judged myself. Because of this, I isolated a lot, soon growing into a young adult who didn't enjoy going out and partying. At least not until I found Cannabis. 

At the risk of incriminating myself too much, I remember the first time I ever enjoyed myself at a dance club. I drove to the bar and parked many blocks away. I slowly walked and smoked a shoddily rolled doobie. I knew by the time I left three hours later, I'd be sobered up. Coughing and choking, I made it to the bar and sat sipping pop having the time of my life. For once, I didn't give a shit who was looking at me or why.

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Learn about state ballot measures to legalize cannabis and hear more reasons from the community to end cannabis prohibition at

Share your thoughts on Dr. Selsky’s video in the comments below, and be sure to join the movement and share your reason for cannabis legalization with #WhatsYourReason.


Seems like a simple enough request, but depending on where you are when you ask it, you're more than likely going to get a significantly different number of hands in the air. Say, for instance, I were asking those of you reading this right now. Based on the fact this article is posted on a website advocating the indulgence of cannabis, odds are the results would tremendously be in favor of using marijuana. Ask the same question at a professional business meeting with a few corporate executives sitting around the table and you're more likely to see eyes shifting back and forth than hands going up. That isn't to say the percentage of people who do use marijuana is any different from one group to the other, but it does say a lot about just how many people have to hide that they do. My ultimate question is, why are we still hiding?

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