Step three: Marijuana Vegetative Stage - For Indoor Growing

February 01, 2018

Transporting your plant to a bigger pot

After the seedling stage; when your plant is around 4 inches high and/or has developed at least 3-4 sets of leaf, it's time to transport it to a bigger pot, preferably 5 gallon containers

Two simple steps to do this: 

  • Prepare your large container first, add soil, then dig a hole in the center, big enough for your seedlings plant roots and the soil surround them to fit comfortable in the hole.
  • Carefully take the plant out of the small container, make sure to dig around the roots to be able to transport the plant with as much roots as possible, with the least possible damage, and the soil around them. Now place the plant in the hole you constructed in the large container.

No matter how careful you are, the process may still cause some minor damage to the root system and it will take some time to recover. Best for the process to take place at night, where it will have some time to settle down before it starts the photosynthesizing process in the morning. 


Manage Your Grow Room During Vegetative Stage

After moving the seedlings to larger pots, it's time to get the climate ready for the plants to grow.

Lights: Your lights should be ON 16 to 20 hours a day - you can control it manually or get a light timer controller, it can be expensive, but it's a peace of mind; it will help you to keep a tight and regular schedule.

Keep in mind, weed plants require around 15% of blue color of the light spectrum to avoid stretching. Insufficient blue will cause thinner stems and eventually a weak plant with longer internodes (part of the plant stem between two of the nodes from which leaves emerge).

As we suggested in our previous post; for small scale growing (up to 6 marijuana plants), T5 fluorescent (or compact spiral fluorescent, CFLs) will do the job just fine.


Temperature: During "day time," when the lights are ON, the ideal cannabis grow room temperature should be 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you were neurotic person in a way, as I am, maintaining the exact same temperature may drive you crazy, so don't beat yourself up, a range between 73 - 83 would do too.

It's OK for the temperature to go down to 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit when the lights out, no problem. But not lower than that. 

Humidity: As for the humidity, 45% - 65% should be maintained in your marijuana grow room at all time.

Watering: Water your marijuana plants only when the soil is completely dry, not even damp. Wait until the top of the soil is about an inch deep dry - just poke a hole in the soil using your finger, if it was dry all the way to your first finger's knuckle, it means the plant needs watering.

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As for watering the plant, you want to soak the pot. Add water until you see extra water starts running off and draining out the pot's bottom.

Keep an eye on the watering process, take notes and create a schedule. Familiarize yourself with the watering/dry cycle.

Air Circulation: we talked about this on our Step One: How to Build the Perfect Indoor Grow Room (For up to 6 Plants). It's crucial to keep your plants prosper and healthy. The process will also help to stabilize your temperature and humidity level. 

  • Keep the air moving round through out the grow room.
  • Make sure to have a fan (or multiple ones, depends on the size of your grow room, and the size of the fan) to circulate the air.
  • Keep it moving and not blowing directly on the plant.
  • Finally, leave an opening in the grow room at all times to let the old air out and fresh one in. 


Nutrients: During the vegetative stage, you want to make sure you have enough Nitrogen (N) in your soil. If you were using the potting soil we suggested in our previous post (Step One: How to Build the Perfect Indoor Grow Room)FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil would do that job, it has a good concentrate of Nitrogen already. 

To learn more about the best type of soil for your marijuana garden, here is The Definitive Guide To The Best Soils For Cannabis.

How Long is the Marijuana Vegetative Stage? (Vegetative Stage Length)

A "just right" vegetative stage length is very important to guarantee good quality crops, it also determine the strength of your plants, however, time is different from a strain to another.

In general, the recommended vegetative stage length for cannabis is around 4 weeks. However, you still want to keep an eye on your plants before proceeding to the next stage; The Flowering Stage. You want to make sure that your plants are 18 inches high and have developed at least 5-7 branches.

Some stains may reach the 18 inches before developing the 5-8 branches, since you have a limited space in your grow room, I suggest to trim or prune your marijuana plants till both conditions apply (18 inches and 5-7 branches). 


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