A Complete guide: Cannabis Dry Herb, Oil and Wax Vaporizers

February 20, 2022

As humans, we have been smoking cannabis for more than 2500 years, all across the globe. If you smoke, you likely love the mood-altering effects of cannabis, and the array of medicinal benefits it provides. Generally speaking, smoking has been the most popular form of consumption, be it joints, pipes, or bong rips. However, cannabis technology is swiftly growing and pot consumers have more options than ever to get a nice buzz on. Vaping is surely the most notable of these innovations, providing stoners with a brand new way to puff on their bud.

Since being ushered into the vaping era, many potheads have had many questions. What’s the difference when vaping weed? What forms of THC can you vape? What are the best vapes? How do vapes even work? I’m here to answer these questions and more.

Top 3 Reasons Vaping cannabis Is A Good Alternative to smoking it

Smoking a joint, pipe, or bong is the traditional method and is beloved by many people. And, rightly so. I would never want to impose on the nostalgic and bonding moments that a nice big doobie can produce. Many believe they can never improve on the satisfaction they get from smoking a joint or even ripping a pipe or bong. With that being said, here are my top 3 reasons vaping may be a good alternative for you.

First - Protect Your Lungs: It’s important not to neglect the cons of smoking. First and foremost, it is harmful to the lungs. There is no way to avoid the carcinogenic (potentially cancer-forming) effects of smoking anything that is being burned. The cleanest quality bud, when burned to smoke, will always be harmful to your lungs. When vaping, especially a good quality vape, you are at least minimizing toxins while maintaining THC levels

Second - Get More Consistent Highs: Let’s be honest, something being bad for your health isn’t always a good enough reason for many of us to make a trade-off. Another negative to smoking as opposed to vaping is the unpredictable highs. When combusting (burning) weed to smoke it, there is no management of the temperatures, and so you not only waste some THC, but you also get a sloppier high when compared to vaping. Vaping gives you a cleaner high, so to speak. Even when I get blasted at a high temperature using my vape, the effects will have a high definition and feel more consistently pleasant. 

Third - Get The Most Out Of Your Bud, And Save Money: According to a study by California NORML/MAPS, when vaping your cannabis, 46% of the marijuana active ingredient, THC, is delivered into the vape. This is a drastic difference from their estimated 25% for joints, due to sidestream smoke loss. This was performed under controlled conditions, with 4% THC content cannabis, using the Volcano Vaporize from Storz & Bickel. Using a vape helps you get the most out of your cannabis buds and therefore helps you save money, with your stash lasting longer.

First: Dry Herb Vapes & Pens

Dry herb vapes/pens are either Conduction or Convection Vaporizers.

A conduction vaporizer is the cheaper option, but I would suggest that it’s not a very cost-effective option. Due to overheating, parts of the herb combusts and is wasted. Generally, these vaporizers don’t control temperatures nearly as well as convection vapes. 

Convection vaporizers are comparatively expensive but you’ll see a great difference in the quality. It’s easier to customize heat, which means no burning of the herb. Also, the good part is that the heat is consistent. If you’re into buying dry herb vapes, going for the convection vaporizer is a cost-effective, and powerful option. Here’s more on conduction vs convection.

Pros & Cons of Dry Herb Vapes

  • Pro: You don’t need to dispose of any vaping dumps like cartridges. Hence it’s quite an environmentally-friendly option.
  • Pro: The smell produced by a good quality dry herb vape is subtle and hard to detect. It is ideal if you don't want to be noticed.
  • Pro: If you’re a dry herb fan and want something portable, go for a dry herb vaporizer. It’s sometimes hard to carry the grinder and weed, then roll joints. When you are in such a situation, this is your go-to vaporizer. 
  • Con: Cleaning. Some say that cleaning dry herb vapes can be a tedious job. Some clean their vape every day, while others wait sometime before giving one big, deep clean. Often some sort of preparation and equipment is necessary (such as alcohol, wipes, and toothpicks) to properly “soak” off any excess cannabis content, or get into every nook and cranny… if that’s your style. Here’s some info on how to clean your vape.

Dry Herb Vape Recommendations

  • The Mighty from Storz and Bickel - The gold standard when it comes to dry herb vapes. It has a dual lithium battery that lasts for hours of use, which is strong competition for other vapes. It has highly efficient vaporization and is very easy to use. 
  • Storz and Bickel’s Crafty+ - A more portable version of The Mighty, with just as excellent temperature control and vaporization.
  • XVape Avant - A more affordable and pocket-friendly option, with an innovative flat design. 
  • Flowermate V5.0S Pro - Boasts an incredible 8-second heat up time. Also a pocket-friendly vape.
  • ArGo Arizer - Compact, easy to clean, and replaceable batteries. A solid choice for the everyday stoner.

For more information, recommendations, and edutaining THC vape content, be sure to check out the Reddit Subreddit r/vaporents. I strongly recommend anyone who has questions to ask there. People on this subreddit are very helpful and can guide you toward the vaping choices most compatible for you.

For even more information, and professional, one-on-one consultation, please do not hesitate to email

Second: Oil Pens And Vapes

The battery supplies power to a cartridge with a built-in heating element. This heats the oil, producing the vapor that you inhale. 

With oil vapes, you’ve got TWO OPTIONS to pick from:

1. Refillable Oil Pens

If you’re looking for something flexible, pocket-sized, easy to use and maintain, and easily refillable several times, you will prefer oil pens. All you have to do is pour the liquid directly into the tank. The battery heats the THC oil in the vape cartridge; heated cannabis oil turns into a vapor that can then be inhaled.

A solid refillable oil pen I recommend is Linx Hermes V3. This oil pen boasts a revolutionary ceramic bowl atomizer that allows for use of any oil at any viscosity.  This health-conscious, environmentally friendly vaporizer produces large clouds while virtually eliminating all oil waste.

2. Disposable Vaporizers

Disposable Pod Vapes require prepackaged and ready to use pods that fit into your vape, so there is practically no preparation necessary besides keeping the battery charged up. Since you have to buy prefilled pods, there is a limit to how much you can experiment with flavors using pod vaporizers. Also, disposable vaporizers are much less environmentally friendly as there is more waste.

If you want to go with a disposable vape for your THC, I recommend Delta-8 Disposables. They are reliable, high-quality disposable vapes. Also, in my opinion, they have some of the tastiest flavors on the market.

Pros & Cons of THC Oil Vapes

  • Pro: The cost-effectiveness of oil pens lies in the fact that no product is wasted at the time of burning. All of it is used, giving you a definite and pronounced flavor.
  • Pro: THC oil vapes can help you when vaping for medical purposes. You can easily consume THC oils of your choice and enjoy the therapeutic effects. It is also absorbed much faster into the bloodstream through vaping than normal oral consumption, which can be helpful for immediate relief of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or whatever you want to medicate with your weed.
  • Pro: Doses of the product are easily adjustable through the user-friendly mechanics of oil pens.
  • Con: Users sometimes say that oil vapes, when compared to other modes of THC vaping, can be a slightly less potent high. This of course comes down to personal experience but is something worth considering. 
  • Con: Many cartridge sources for THC oil vapes contain additives, some of which may be dangerous for your health. You can read a cautionary example of this here.

Third: Wax vapes or pens

Also known as dab pens, wax pens look like normal pens and use cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are waxy and very strong in flavor. Inside wax pens, is a wax atomizer and a battery. Wax pens are easily adjustable and you can take them anywhere. Wax pens give you lots of room to experiment, with hundreds of concentrate flavors that you could choose from. 

According to many users, wax vapes are more effective in use compared to dry herb atomizers. You’ll experience a strong classic flavor and the high is also very enjoyable. The amount of high you’d get depends on the dab you’re vaping. 

Pros & Cons of Wax Vapes

  • Pro: Smoking can be very harmful to your throat and lungs because of the temperature of the smoke. Wax vapes are far less harmful to your lungs than the carcinogenic counterpart that is burning your herb.
  • Pro: Smoking wax can easily burn through a gram from a dab rig. Dab vapes use very little concentrates. Adding a little dab is more than enough for 2-3 hits. 
  • Pro: You will surely save money in the short and long run by using a wax vape. As opposed to buying expensive glass rigs and wasting concentrates, vaporizers can be very cost-effective.
  • Pro: Wax vapes give you the chance to change the temperature and get the most flavor out of your concentrate, due to the effectiveness of a vape. 
  • Con: Wax vapes can be very potent. Though not necessarily negative, it is important to consider your daily lifestyle and smoking habits when buying a vape… especially a wax vape.

Wax Vapes Recommendations

There are many great wax vapes on the market that are sure to get you buzzed. Here are our recommendations for the highest quality wax vapes available that won’t empty out your wallet.

  • Ares Plus - Electric Dab Rig - A personal favourite of mine. Not only is it an affordable and effective option for vaping your wax, but it also gives you a classic dab rig experience. 
  • Puffco Peak - Smart Rig. Slightly less affordable, but one of the best wax vapes on the market. This piece of equipment boasts a 20-second heat-up time. It also has intelligent temperature control, with 4 unique heating options. 
  • AirVape | Apollo is your best bet if you’re looking for something more portable. This nifty vape is the size of a keychain but packs a punch like the rest of ‘em. It also has intuitive click-based controls. 5 clicks for power-up, 2 clicks toggles through preset voltages, and so on. 
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the Storz & Bickel vapes, such as The Mighty and The Crafty+, can host both wax and dry herbs. 

Final Thoughts

Which type of cannabis vape you want to get largely depends on your lifestyle. Here’s my brief advice. You need to ask yourself some questions about your personality and daily lifestyle, and where vaping cannabis can fit into that. 

Do you like to smoke on the go? Go for a portable oil pen or a pocket-size dry herb vape. Do you want medical grade vaping for anxiety, chronic pain, etc? Get a high-quality wax or dry herb vape like the Mighty. Do you want to get blasted, while still maintaining some discretion? A wax pen or a small vape with temperature controls, like the Crafty+, will be the best choice. Do you want to flex and smoke in a big way, perhaps sharing with your friends, from the comfort of your couch at home? Choose a high-tech desktop vaporizer.

Whatever you choose, I can’t stress enough how strongly I recommend a high-quality convection vape for regular cannabis consumers. The data, as well as the experiences of many cannabis smokers around the world, show that vaping your THC, whether via oils, wax, or dry herb vapes, can drastically improve your experience as a stoner. Vaping instead of smoking can improve the health of your lungs, produce more consistent highs, and get more out of your bud while saving you some money in the process.