Top 7 Must-Listen Podcasts About Weed

Top 7 Must-Listen Podcasts About Weed

June 30, 2022

Top 7 Weed-Themed Podcasts

If you’re over the age of 20, no doubt, you’ve listened to a podcast or two, perhaps you are even a regular consumer of podcasts. They have now become one of the most consumed modes of media. They are a great way to stay entertained and potentially learn something new. And, if you’re here at the Monroe blog, no doubt, you love weed. Today, I’m going to give you the top 5 podcasts about weed. These podcasts cover a wide variety of topics but the one thing they all have in common is a strong smell of marijuana and marijuana-related content. 

1. One Strain At A Time

One Strain At A Time is our in-house podcast at Monroe Blvd. This podcast is for budtenders, by budtenders. But of course, most weed enthusiasts will enjoy this podcast, a place to learn about the best new strains out there. 

The goal of the OSAAT podcast is to give budtenders a platform to discuss new strains consumers should know about, share their industry cause, and share their experience selling cannabis in Washington State. Each episode focuses on a new guest, and a new strain of choice. They discuss everything from the history of the strains to their medicinal effects. OSAAT is like sitting in on a smoke sesh in the backroom of a fancy head shop, with good friends and even better budtenders.

2. Getting Doug With High

Getting Doug With High is a podcast hosted by Doug Benson, the famous stand-up comedian and actor. The show is full of laughs, full of smoke, and full of incredible guests. He’s had the likes of Cheech & Chong, the Trailor Park Boys, and Jack Black. 

In every episode, Doug gets blazed with his guests (except on the few occasions when guests chose not to smoke). The podcast also hosts a number of segments, such as High History, Pot Topics, and Pot Quiz Hot Shot. Each episode also features different sativa and indica strains and showcases various, unique smoking paraphernalia. Although the show has been on hiatus for the last 2 years, with no signs of coming back, there are still hundreds of episodes available to binge.

3. Brave New Weed

The Brave New Weed Podcast describes themselves as “High-Minded Conversations for the Post-Prohibition Era”, which really is the best way to describe the show. Hosted by author Joe Dolce, and co-host Matthew Hendershot, these high-minded conversations are fun, fearless, and well-informed. 

Dolce and Hendershot have some of the smartest guests in the weed industry on their show, and they cover a massive variety of creative cannabis-related topics. They discuss everything from cannabis tech and finance, to cannabis law and legalization. They have doctors, lawyers, Buddhist scholars, public figures, and more. Some episodes of quite informational, while others are more anecdotal, though just as powerful. 

4. Weed + Grub

Weed + Grub is a cannabis culture show all about weed, comedy, cooking, culture and more. It’s hosted by Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer, and cannabis culture writer Mary Jane Gibson. Yes, that’s her real name! 

They consistently talk to interesting and surprising guests, such as The Simpson’s Showrunner Bill Oakley, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian, and celebrity chef Nikki Stewart, who’s cooked for the likes of Dave Chappelle, Migos, and DJ Khaled. Most episodes revolve around getting stoned and eating food. After all, weed and grub is the obvious theme. If you’re a foodie, you’ll likely come for the weed, and stay for the meals. The podcast is full of good laughs, good conversations, good weed, and good food. 

5. Cannainsider 

Cannainsider interviews the leaders of the cannabis industry. If you are looking for a podcast that dives deep into everything there is to know about cannabis, this is the one for you. Listen in and learn from host Matthew Kind and his visionary guests, as they discuss the trends and technology shaping the marijuana industry. 

On top of this, they also interview cannabis experts including weed chemists, dispensary owners, manufacturers of marijuana-infused products, seed companies, weed investors and entrepreneurs. Cannainsider truly is an insider to everything cannabis. It is one of the most in-depth and extensive cannabis-related podcasts out there. 

6. Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

The Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast, hosted by Tad Hussey, brings together experts in the marijuana gardening industry to help you grow your plants. 

The podcast covers a variety of topics about growing weed, such as viruses in cannabis, seed genetics, cannabis accounting, cannabis neurology, new medical research, and much more. Whether you are a commercial grower, a personal grower, or just interested in the science behind cannabis cultivation, this podcast is for you. They cover many practical growing techniques and tips and give advice for both common and uncommon circumstances that arise when growing. 

7. Great Moments In Weed History

Great Moments In Weed History takes you on a roller coaster-esque journey through humanity's 10,000+ year history with cannabis. Hosted by Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock, the podcast explores the historical importance of the planet’s most revered and defamed plant. 

This podcast is a relatively easy listen, but also incredibly interesting. They discuss topics like the origin of pot brownies, America’s first (and only?) magic mushroom church, the making of “Dazed and Confused”, Hunter Thompson’s run for Sheriff, Louis Armstrong’s weed dealer transforming jazz, Barack Obama’s weed years, Bob Dylan introducing the Beatles to marijuana, Amsterdam becoming an international weed haven, and the list goes on. This may be one of the most riveting weed culture podcasts there is!