Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil - using Crock-Pot

Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil - using Crock-Pot

April 11, 2023

Cannabis infused oil is so versatile and can have many medicinal uses. You can bake with it, cook with it (at a low temperature), take it orally or rub the oil directly onto your skin. A strain that is CBD dominant could help with inflammation when used topically as well as internally.

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There are two phases to cannabis conversion:

  1. ‘Dry Cure’ use dry clean ‘shake’ or bud. Start by removing the large sticks, grind it up and sift before curing. Then put the ‘shake flour’ into a sealed Crock-Pot on low, for about an 1 hour. Or place in an oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes.

  2. Converting the ‘shake flour’ into a useful ingredient such as fat (butter or oil), alcohol tincture, or even glycerin.

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To make Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil:

  • Pour 3 cups of Grapeseed oil into a Crock-Pot. Grapeseed oil has a higher cooking temperature than most.

  • Add 14 grams of 'cured' cannabis into the Crock-Pot and mix well with the oil.

  • Cook on low for a minimum of an hour, up to five hours.

  • Be careful handling the hot oil.

  • Let cool for a short while before straining the cannabis from the oil and pouring it into a preferably dark colored glass container.

  • Once completely cool, seal and store in the fridge for up to 3 months.

Recommended minimum dose: If baking or cooking with the oil, start with 0.75 grams to 1 gram per serving, increase slowly if needed.