12 Ways To Kill Weed Smell Fast

January 04, 2021

By Ian Haynes

Weed consumption is extremely prevalent across the States. Not only has it been legalized for use in most of the country, but legal sales are forecasted to be around US$24.07 billion by 2025.

But while many Americans love it, many others despise it for the smell it leaves behind. Parents, their friends, bosses, nosy colleagues, landlords, or complete strangers who look at you weird when you walk by them – there’s only one way to deal with their judgmental attitudes.


But if that isn’t always an option, you might also want to invest in a gadget to help you get rid of that weed smell.

We’ve rounded up some of the best high-end accessories that remove or at least significantly reduce the odor no matter how many times you light it up every day.

Read on to learn all the ways you can kill the strong weed smell quickly:

1. First Things First, Ventilate

Ventilation may sound like a very basic method to get rid of odors, but it is important. Even the expensive smoking accessories generally need this natural method to be used in conjunction to maintain your place. If you want to get rid of weed smell fast, then make sure to smoke it with open windows and expel it near them. Of course, this will noteliminate all the odor, and getting a fan may help the process.

There are also air purifiers that you can invest in that purify the air by trapping allergens. It helps to get rid of weed as well as other odors in your house.

There are also air purifiers that you can invest in that purify the air by trapping allergens. It helps to get rid of weed as well as other odors in your house.

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2. Buy Air Fresheners

Air fresheners instantly change the air of a place by overpowering the smell of weed. Look for non-toxic and organic ones that contain essential oils and incense to give a lively scent and produce a relaxing effect.

Essential oils like citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint are great to use because they have other benefits too like peppermint oil can ease headaches. You can get an air freshener like the Air Scense containing essential oils for an affordable price here.

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3. Store Your Weed Properly

Weed is known for its distinct odor that one can smell even if it is not being burnt. Leaving marijuana in the open will cause its smell to diffuse into the surroundings. The longer it is out, the stronger its fragrance will be.

Hence, weed storage should be done properly either in an airtight jar or a Ziploc bag. However, if you are an experienced user, you would know that smell-proof jars are more efficient than the normal ones. Get yours today by MedicalKush Supply to store marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

4. Try Odor Absorbing Gels

As a weed smoker, you can get creative with getting rid of the weed smell if you don’t want anyone to know about your habits. However, not all methods are bound to work, and you might not have enough time on your hands.

A hack that you should consider is the use of odor absorbing gels like those by Funkaway. These are not some high-end accessories, but just everyday products to get rid of strong odors from your home. Placing these in front of your room vents or the place where you smoke regularly can eliminate the weed smell from the area.

5. Brush Your Teeth

It is not just about where you have smoked weed or the clothes you smoked it in. The main giveaway would be your breath if you stand too close to someone and talk to them after smoking.

Don’t just focus on cleaning your immediate surroundingsand throwing your clothes in the washing machine. It is also important to use a strong enough mouthwash to get rid of weed breath.

6. Clean Everything

Weed smell is extremely strong and can cling onto even hard surfaces like the ones you are rolling it on. Always clean the countertops or the place where you are using the weed with some strongly scented cleaning spray like a basil scented cleaning spray to cover up the weed smell.

Furthermore, it is smart to use high-end accessories like a rolling tray to prevent the weed from scattering everywhere. You don’t want to be stuck with clean up duty afterward; no one wants to do that high!

7. Use A Sploof

One of the most sure-shot methods of weed smell prevention is to breathe out of a sploof. This device turns the weed smoke into clean air so that the exhaled air does not contain the strong cannabis smell. You can order your sploof today by Eco Four Twenty here.

You can order our favorite sploof, Smoke Buddy, here - use discount code "421Store" for 25% off your next purchase.

However, this does  nothave to be one of those high-end accessories that you need to invest in. Instead, you can make your sploof at home using toilet rolls and scented dryer sheets. You can exhale through them, and no one has to know that you were smoking weed!

8. Cook Highly Aromatic Food

It might sound like a desperate attempt, but cooking some aromatic food like a spicy stew could do the job if you are out of options.

Forget about getting high-end accessories to help you out in the process! All you need to do is microwave some popcorns to cover up your activities. If you are not great at cooking or are short on time, then simply make popcorns in the microwave and let them burn a little so that the burnt smell can overpower the one of weed in your home.

9. Scented Candles

As cliched as this method may sound, scented candles seldom disappoint. You can get them for a low price from most grocery stores. This is an effective yet cheap method giving you a huge variety of fragrances that you can choose from according to the strength of the odor you want to mask.

If you want to purchase scented candles online, you can do so here - - use discount code "421Store" for 25% off your next purchase.

10. Try Not To Smoke It

No. Wait. We aren’t asking you to give up weed altogether.

But it isn’t a bad idea to invest in other ways of consuming your stash. If the weed smell seems like too much of a hassle,try edibles or dabs, sprays, or tinctures.

Today, there are many products like vaporizers or even oral consumption that you can use to avoid spreading the weed smell in your space. Of course, you’ll still have to clean your mouth and freshen up your breath, but that does not require as much effort as trying to ventilate your room in the dead of winter.

11. Consider Using A Vaporizer

As mentioned earlier, weed can be consumed in various manners, some of which do not emit a smell. Using a vaporizer has proven its worth in eliminating or reducing weed smell.

There are two types of vaporizers, oil-based and dry herb. The former produces next to no smell, whereas the latter does smell a bit. However, it is way less than what Is produced when you smoke a joint!

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12. Dabbing Is a Great Option

Another way to keep away prying eyes is by opting to dab. Over the past few years, the process has gotten popular where Cannabis concentrates or extract is heated then consumed.

However, you got to supply the right amount of heat anymore, and your stash may go to waste!

Apart from being less messy and more fruitful, this method also makes next to no smell.

Pro Tip: To always heat your terpenes at the right temperature, consider using a Terp Timer!


Some people really don’t like the way weed smells, and there is nothing we can do to change their opinion of it. What we can do is hide the aroma well and enjoy it only with other like-minded people.

The methods detailed above have been proven effective at getting rid of strong odors.

It’s also a good idea to invest in high-end accessories to cover your tracks when the need be. No one else needs to know that you’ve been smoking up!

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