Beginners Guide to Kratom - Effects, Uses & Doses

December 18, 2018

By Joshua Arnold 

What is Kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa is the latin name, Sister tree to the coffee family (same genus/species). A leaf of a tree. Kratom is ingested as a capsule, powder or liquid.

Powder is how it comes in bulk and it can be eaten raw or mixed with food or drinks. Kratom is similar to CBD but different, Kratom has no psychoactive effects. MuOpiod agonist, Non Analog. Scientifically and legally that means Kratom Doesn’t’ get you high or cause sedation.

Benefits Of Kratom

  • All Kratom strains can be used for Pain and Anxiety

  • Greens and Whites are for energy.

  • Red strains can make you sleepy.  But are best for maximum pain alleviation

Quality is in the vendor not the color of strain.

“Red in bed, Green in-between, White up all night.” That’s the rhyme to remember when choosing strains based on their desired effect.

Not always will you receive the same results. Sticking to the same vendor is suggested so you know consistency and potency will not change.

What does Kratom taste like and how long does it take to work?

Powders can be harsh and sour. We remedy that using berry powders in some of our blends. Also berry powders act as MAO-I inhibitors so you can absorb more product and waste less.

8-12 Capsules is average dose for normal/weak Kratom with 400mg Kratom per capsule. (300-450mg per capsule is average for most companies using machines output per capsule.)

Ingesting lots of glycerin can be bad for you. As why most enjoy the science and strong effects from the berry blends and extract/ enhanced capsules found only @ www.leafofluxury.com.

Enhanced Capsules:

  • 2 Capsules of Enhanced Berry is equal to two large tablespoons of powder

  • 1 capsule of extract is equal to 12 capsules or two large tablespoons of powder

Tinctures are liquid form and fastest acting. Tinctures will not last as long as powders or capsules.

Are there any Psychoactive effects using Kratom?

No, Kratom is a Non-Analog.

Non-Analog means it is not on the FDA watch list or scheduled as a harmful substance..

Kratom is saving lives. Getting people off of opiates, alcohol, methamphetamines, anti anxiety pills, anti depressants, used for PTSD and MS, Lupus and even headaches.

 Kratom’s Bringing families together and creating awareness for herbal alternatives.

Kratom does not get you high! You will notice a calm feeling of euphoria, un sedating pain relief, extreme focus and relaxation using kratom.

 Kratom is in no way similar to Cannabis. Kratom is an alternative to Cannabis (similar to CBD). If you want to feel better but not get high. Kratom is most likely for you. Seeing is believing and unbiased minds seem to find more enjoyment in life because they are open to try new things.

Tinctures VS. Powders vs. Capsules

Which ones best for me?

Beginners tend to start with capsules and move to powders. Tinctures are used for recovery and taken so pills can be replaced with a tincture. Tinctures can be taken on an empty stomach. Suggested to eat before ingesting or else digestion may cause discomfort.

  • Tinctures: Tinctures work immediately. No messy Powders, No concern about potency and consistency, no more capsules that take an hour to work, works INSTANT, easy to conceal, Sublingual so you can take it on an empty stomach unlike powders and capsules. Tinctures are a Food grade/safe product, superior quality in comparison to all other products on the market. Beginners who don’t like taking capsules prefer tinctures. Glycerin based, using lab grade extracts. Alcohol tinctures can be harsh and bad for your intestine.

  • Capsules: Capsules can take over an hour to start working. Usually 350-450mg of Kratom per capsule, Must eat quite a few to feel relief. Caps take longer because the capsule has to digest first. Capsules are Easy to carry, easy to store, easy to swallow. Capsules are preferred by some and not by others. Ingestion is based on preference and how fast you want to feel relief.

  • Powder: Powder can take around 45-60 min to start working. Toss n Wash is the preferred method for ingestion by regular users who have adapted to the harsh flavor of Kratom. You put powder under your tongue or in your mouth and wash with juice or water. Depending on blend depends on flavor. Usually all kratom without enhancements tastes very earthy and green, has Same consistency as Cinnamon and only small amount is needed. Powders are the cheapest and messiest way to take Kratom. It’s hard to dose correctly unlike capsules and tinctures. Not suggested to take on empty stomach. Unlike Glycerin tinctures you can take without eating. Capsules you MUST eat with also.

Kratom dosage for beginners

Start with 750mg (3/4 gram) of powders or one capsule. Wait an hour or two and if you don’t feel pain, anxiety or restlessness anymore. Then it’s working. If you don’t feel better within two hours, take 2 more capsules. I always suggest starting low and working up. Never take a new brand without testing first. Our products say extremely potent so the consumer knows it is strong.

Take as needed. Most of our Powders can last up to three days. Capsules last 24-48 Hrs. depending on pain. Depending on strain and depending on blends, All of our powders are heavy hitters. Adding Extract makes it so you eat less and save $ because of that. If you are a beginner, start with 1-2 capsules and/or 1 small tablespoon of powder. Mix powder in a cup with juice or water.

Take tinctures under tongue as a sublingual. Let dissolve under your tongue for two minutes then swallow. (90 sec interaction time)

Important note: always eat before taking Kratom powder or capsules

Kratom Dosage Tips

  • Powder servings

    • 1-2 Grams is a serving depending on your tolerance and how strong the Kratom is.

    • 2-4 Grams is a heavy serving and anything more is not necessary. It will turn to waste and not absorb if taken in larger amounts. Larger amounts usually produce more pain relief and this is how some people abuse it.

  • Capsules are usually taken by the handful. 8-12 Capsules for one serving is average for low grade “Head shop” Kratom. Good quality capsules weigh 750mg and you only need 2. All vendors Kratom varies. Everyone who tries ikratom enhanced capsules say they only need ½ -2/3 less product to feel good all day.

If I took a large amount would I die?

No, The most that would happen is you might throw up. Your day will be ruined for at least three hours. Sweats, jitters, uncomfortable, light and sensory overload, headache, nausea. Best to take lots of water and wait it out if over ingesting/ misusing Kratom.



Are there any side effects to Kratom

Kratom has a few minor side effects depending all upon how much you use. How often you use and what you are using it for. So if you choose to use it daily expect to have a bit of tolerance build. 2 grams or 20 grams, Kratom is working however, not as noticeable and people often take more kratom as result  of this in order to feel what they felt the first times they took it. (AKA “Chasing the dragon”)

Like an SSRI Reuptake inhibitor you only need a certain amount of mg per day in your system to have Kratom work. Your system builds up tolerance in order to not cause sedation effects. Some people have too much energy from Kratom and some people have a sleepy effect that comes over them. All report the same euphoria of Awesomeness and an ability to cope with negativity better. Tasks become easier to accomplish as well as social interactions.

Is Kratom Addictive? Are there withdrawals?

Is Coffee addicting? Is sugar addicting? Is your cellphone addicting? No...

However, all of these things carry addictive traits. They are not labeled addicting. I feel Kratom can become addicting mentally not physically. No withdrawal symptoms other than cravings for Kratom occur with sudden stopping of every day Kratom use. Sweaty palms, nervousness, irritable bowels can all be side effects from misuse. Kratom can become something you will rely on just like an SSRI. Prolonged exposure can induce mild cravings, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and depression.  This is why it is important to NOT use Kratom everyday and practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation or going for a walk. Cognition is the art of awareness and awareness is the tool to success.

Where do I find Kratom

Here are our recommended online storefronts: 

How do I know good kratom from bad?

Research your vendor. Know good Kratom by understanding what each blend can do for you. I tend to stick with a vendor that has science dialed in. There is only one vendor using MAO-I inhibitors in their products and that is www.leafofluxury.com.

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