Focusvape Tourist Vaporizer Test and Review (Oil Edition) – by Simplisick

October 24, 2017


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You want to move that over here something's we have more light let's  change Oh oh shit whenever Dilys say what's up guys simplistic here back with another video I'm actually at a friend's house right now but I really wanted to try this so I'm gonna do it at in this house or review this is the torus by focusvape and if you see that I'm red I actually drink like a beer and I don't really drink so it shows when I drink I think that they call it the asianglow but let's get back to the product itself we got the tourist by focusvape and apparently this is a fucking dry herb or dry herb vaporizer and then add a break and it's gonna focus on that is it good yeah.

See the pack right here so if you see my channel before my channel before I actually had one of these but to a lesser like quality one it wasn't as well built but it did last me like probably a year this one looks like it's gonna be pretty durable from the from the looks of it so then just open the box for you guys right away you notice everything packaged very neatly 

the build quality and all this stuff is really nice we just this is the basically the base the metal base is magnetic focus emblem right here it's pretty dope it's actually pretty heavy quality to like so the magnet is right here and then this basically just stands on it let me guess so so here you got the dry herb attachment and just let me this right here so this you put your

weed right here and it basically just is like of and then it just fades the weed this is actually a glass right here and they also do have since you could take this off you could actually put another one in there to vape it so there's like a another bubbler attachment that you could put on it I don't have it doesn't come with the box Bob pretty sure you go by I don't know what price it is is dope little built right mm-hmm

it's very heavy-duty here you got the piece itself very nice quality as you

can see very very nice fuck you know what is this matte black no is it yeah

yeah see so this is basically the nail and you got the two rubber rings right

here for the bubbler attachment that'll show you in a bit and you got two buttons right here the plus and the minus to adjust the temperatures see 

pretty nice and then right here is you know you turn it to oil off or herb and it's cool because it detects this so like if I were to put on herb when it has the concentrates attachment you'll see wrong and I'll tell you you know put on another one it's pretty cool provider like you know dummy proof I guess earth no wait even morons can you tell me even morons could use it oh yeah very nice quality it takes the typical mod battery you could recharge it in there is it replaceable battery I think so I didn't want to fuck with him right now but was in a double-a battery no for a mod bit much and a spare nail rare so in the Box we got a rubber mouthpiece you know for all the people that are like germaphobes you got that little bit of alcohol wipes which is pretty handy pretty nice focusvape and the manual so I think I read pretty much the gist of it you could there's certain specific ranges that you should go on for each thing that you are smoking you see okay so as you can see or as you can hear there's a beer pong game going on in there it also comes with basically the bubbler attachment that was talking

about very nice quality

See everything on there very nice so yeah you could put water in here I'm 

about to put water in a bit hold on and then we got the charger typical charge of microUSB double ring spare ones because these ones these tend to break a lot so it's full that they and then we got this oh that's just for to keep it here then man this is really nice this is the Karkat fabric adaptil the hole right here you see it still all right and then they also came with cleaning tools scraper and a dev tool right here it's pretty dope so you see unopened it's basically what they put like this - yeah all right let me get water real quick I got one on me hard anyone get one yes.

All right guys put this on very nice nice nice and we'll be dabbing on if some medallion wellness concentrates $15 for a half gram this is fire og I believe deep swear down Lee wellness one of the one of the better clubs in Modesto just so many right now you know but medallion wellness is pretty fucking good so it okay. 

There's gonna be pretty hard with the dance will made a glass pretty weird

I should just dab the whole thing is for the video no that's cool yeah alright so I'm gonna turn this on oil so you see and basically there's four times on this expert tribe is there what's it on I don't know what the setting is but I'm just gonna go with the one it just put on I have maybe 600 just update 600 still going oh okay it makes it buzz when it's ready some take this now sure there is that's it mr. Tatum come on let me turn it up to 7/10 just for oil all right some sit at no one was it all right now okay all right Cheers. 

That's dope so all this milk accumulates in there before it comes out and the car get well that's fucking amazing you got the focusvape there is also a vaporizer attachment like I showed you earlier but I'll probably make another video just on that best as far as this one goes the the concentrates attachment it's fucking amazing look at that shit that's fucking be sleep and the oil was pretty fucking good too I've never bought and medallion wellness concentrates so it's actually pretty good so I think we're gonna end the video here guys focusvape you can check them out close all the information and bottom description below very good product by them I'd recommend it for those of you who have two hundred dollars to spend on a DAB rig for you 20 bucks 20 dollars yeah it's a bit pricey yeah and I mean it looks Prime's it comes with the vaporizer part most of these are just like this for this so hard hey want to try the dab or what you're on camera we leave for the season finale yeah. 

Alright special guest appearance by RJ who's dope yeah playboys halogen yeah 200 bucks a shit better work for our buck 50 yeah maybe 100 hit it now go when you put the cavalry go the cat wasn't anything all over as a weenie si all right one more what is this the bottom piece huh oh that I set it down you just sit it all right just give him a little bigger piece right here damn you're mine I have all your debt for the video see what I do for you guys i buy what Ike's just to smoke the video back shut up yeah he shakes David shake yeah let me know what you think about it too those offices the home near the in your eyebrow you got a good hit sequel as Andrews some bongs just by itself for me 200 you know and all you do is no little extra city up in there who's this like he's a glass you know but they do have perks so yeah oh it's a it's a type of bomb yeah so yeah we're kind of in a hurry right now so I'm we're actually gonna pause on the dry herb attachment and make another video on another day and yeah enjoy this one I guess oh my god yeah it's good you gotta be like alright

but yeah subscribe if you're new RJ what you guys say subscribe please subscribe alright he's alright.

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