Dianna Donnelly

"Experience isn't what happens to you;  it's what you do with what happens to you."~Aldous Huxley 

In work and play, I live and breath this sentiment now.  Good or bad, both experiences build a knowledge of understanding that I now see that I possess.

If I manage my mental illness with Cannabis, then others can too.  I write about this.  Cannabis helps me see how alike we all are when it comes right down to it. 

During the week I counsel new Cannabis patients on safe and effective ingestion of this incredible plant.  Follow ups are my favorite though, as it is then that I hear

the incredible success stories from every day Canadians.  We are a proactive bunch up here.  When you tell us to experiment, watch out.  Many of our patients now roast and eat their bud.  Others make monthly batches of oil and butter.  I love writing about the plethora of ways to ingest and use Cannabis. 

On the weekends I write.  I write to relax and to get it out before the stewing settles in.  I use Cannabis for depression and now for anxiety.  What I feel, others feel too.  I write to help others get success with medicinal Cannabis the way I have.

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